Ways of Adding Several More Hours to Every Day


Do you feel quite often that 24 hours in a day are not enough for everything you need to do? Are you pressed for time on a regular basis? Welcome to my world. I am the kind of person who grabs too much and place on their plate, and that easily goes from being exciting to becoming depressing, when there is never enough time for everything.



Armed with a can-do attitude and a desire to learn new things, I decided to find some tips and tricks for adding more hours to my day. I went through a lot of stuff and, in the end, I found plenty of things that truly work. And now I am going to share the ones I think they are the best with you.


The first way of adding more hours to every day that I put to work and saw it yield results was to take a hard look at my daily schedule and trim all the fat, so to speak. Most people do not realize when the hours of the day fly away because they do not pay attention to what they do. One good look at my daily schedule showed me I was losing 3 to 4 hours a day watching TV, 2 to 4 hours playing online games, and more than half an hour just checking my e-mail!


I did not eliminate everything, but I cut down on them, and now there are even days when I do not turn on the TV. As for the e-mail, checking it 2 or 3 times daily is enough, which only takes about 5 minutes of my time (of course, leaving aside the situations when there are important e-mails I have to send replies for).


The next thing I noticed working quite good was making the most of my time. Did you know there are at least a couple of hours every day during which most people do almost nothing, but they still feel like they are still busy doing something? Take commuting, for instance. If you drive to work, it would not be wise to focus on something else, but if you use mass public transportation, this is the best time to open a book and read a few pages or listen to audio books.

There are all kinds of gaps in one’s schedule. Commercial breaks during your favorite TV show, the times when you need to supervise cooking, but not closely, and many others. If you manage to fill these small breaks with significant activities that have value for you, you will feel more content at the end of the day.

Search for your lost time in your schedule. You will uncover more truths than you imagine, and you will easily manage to create more productive time every day.




Why a Clean Environment Can Impact Your Concentration and Productivity


Working and living in a clean environment is paramount for your health and your success. This is something that I learned my way, and I discovered that besides the simple fact that I am enjoying having a clean home, this is one of those things that keep me on track with my projects.

The thing is a clean environment keeps you healthy and energetic. When you are breathing fresh air, you are practically fueling your lungs with clean oxygen, and you feel better. Not only your body functions better, but you have a clear head, and you can think faster and in a more efficient manner.


I enjoy having good quality air in my home, and that was why I decided to get a cleaning tool to help me keep the house in pristine condition, but with minimum effort from my part. This is how I got myself a good electric broom. For me, this is the perfect cleaning tool, since it stores easily and it is ready to use all the time. I don’t have to assemble it, and once I am done with cleaning, I just empty the dirt cup and return the electric broom to its storage place.


As I said, air quality is important for me, and that is why the electric broom I got has a special filter that does not allow all the dust particles that are usually flying around to get into my lungs. I know that there are people with allergies who are even in a bad situation because the air they breathe at home is filled with allergens. I find that regular vacuuming with an electric broom truly does wonders for the air quality where I live, and that is why I use it.


I noticed on my own that significantly reducing clutter around me helps a great deal with concentration and productivity. I don’t know exactly how that happens, but, according to some articles I read online, there are even studies carried on by researchers showing that learning new things and focusing is truly hindered in unclean places. A desk or a working table may not be necessarily dirty, but, if it is too cluttered, it just hampers your mind from focusing on what you need to do.



Another thing I want to add is that I noticed how a clean environment has a direct impact on my morale. A room that is not aired for days develops an unpleasant smell, and people living inside it start feeling crankier and more irritated than usual. Clean the air, so to speak, and you will notice a big difference. Airing the home is part of my cleaning routine, and I find it to have a positive impact on my productivity and focus.



Money Isn’t Everything in Life, But It Makes Living Easier

Money is part of our everyday’s lives, and it seems to be everywhere we look. Our society is pretty much obsessed with being rich and many people equal the idea of having money with being happy, which I think it is the wrong approach to life. Don’t get me wrong; I am not some disillusioned person who thinks that being poor is better. What I am trying to say is that money isn’t everything in life, but it makes living easier. I believe it was Al Pacino who said: “Money makes your life easier. If you’re lucky to have it, you’re lucky.”

For instance, here is a simple fact about how money makes things easier for anyone. I do not have a lot of time to do my laundry, so this is a service I practically outsource. Picking up my clothes from dry cleaning is the only effort I make, and that saves me a lot of time I would otherwise spend toiling over things that do not count. The free time I get I use for more productive endeavors, and, why not, for having fun and relaxing once in a while.


Another thing money does for anyone is helping them get a better education. It is a well-known fact that if you want to get ahead and have a more comfortable life, by landing a better job, you need to have a better education. Even if you are just after learning a course you found on the Internet you will still have to spend money on it. Learning on your own is tough and very time-consuming, so by spending money on education, you are offering yourself a nice shortcut to a better life.


Here is something else I am thinking about when I say that money does make anyone’s living easier. Money can be used to buy tools if you want to make your repairs. I do not say that you should go full DIY or that you should always pay for repairs, either. Somewhere in between there is a balance, and having tools you can use with your own two hands inside your house can be a blessing when something breaks, and you don’t have time or money or both to call an expert.

There are so many things you can do with some money that can make your existence more pleasurable and more free to dedicate to more important goals. I do not make a goal in life from making money, but I like having some, so I can free part of my schedule, and enjoy my life to the maximum, by getting a better use for my waking hours.



3 Easy Ways of Making Money Online

Making money online is possible and it is one of the greatest things offered to us by the advent of the Internet. What could be more convenient than putting technology to work in your favor? More and more people everywhere are now making money online, in order to complement the income they make as employees in real life, while some even give up to their daily jobs so they can focus on this type of revenue. In this post, I will tell you about 3 easy ways to make money online that anyone can use.

A simple and straightforward way of making money online is building your own website. This may sound like something only technologically inclined guys could do, but, while this may have been true in the past, it is very doable right now. There are many great platforms out there that allow you to create your own website, while offering you all the needed information to do so. You do not have to be tech savvy and you only need to concentrate on what your website will be all about, or, in other words, on the content you want to provide your readers with. After building your website, you must think about monetizing it. This can be done in various ways, from placing ads on your pages, to selling your own products, like books and courses.

The next method I want to tell you about is something called affiliate marketing. This is a great simple way of making money online that many people are already using. You are basically selling stuff other people make. Even the largest websites on the planet have a strong foundation of affiliate marketers that take the word out on their products. The best thing about it is that you have nothing to do with storage, shipping and everything concerning the respective items. The only thing you need to do is to convince people that a certain HDTV or pair of shoes is worth spending money on and then send them to where they can make the purchase, using your affiliate link so that the seller knows the buyer comes from you. For your effort, you are rewarded with a certain percentage of the sale.

Another thing I found to be working for making money online is writing your own book and self publish it on platforms such as Amazon Kindle. As you may well know, Kindle is the digital reader created and promoted by Amazon, and there is a great market of readers who use the device. In its search of creating and offering more content to readers, Amazon allows anyone who knows something they would like to put in a book, to create their own Kindle book and offer it up for sale.



3 Tips to Maintain Your Calm and Balance


We are living in a fast paced world where everything seems to be happening at the speed of light from time to time. All this may seem fine, since it looks like the entire humankind is progressing towards a higher good, but where does this leave the individual, the people, like you and me? One thing is certain: we are not machines and we are not robots, and we won’t become something else anytime soon. This means that we are what we are, and, as humans, we need our calm and balance in our lives, so we can live happy and fulfilled. I now want to show you a few techniques I use to keep myself calm and grounded.

Take the time to reflect. In a very active life, where every moment of the day seems to be the battleground for a bidding war between work, family, chores and obligations, this seems like a really difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, you need to do it. Take your time, close the door, let the others know you need to rest for a bit, and use this time not to sleep, but to reflect. Where are you right now? What are the main stressors in your life? Are there things you would like to do differently? Do you always feel like there is not enough time for anything? With a clearer picture of your life in mind, you will be ready to identify solutions, and bring more calm into your life.


Set clear goals that are also attainable and can be reached in a timely fashion. One source of stress in a person’s life can be the lack of sense in their existence. Again, I need to tell you that you will have to take some time and think about this. Do you feel like you are running towards an unknown destination? Does your life feel empty and there is no goal in sight for you that you would like to achieve? This means that it is time for you to set some goals that you can follow and that can motivate you to walk forward.

Do not forget that it is important to include fun and relaxation in your life, too. Your family is important and so is your work, but this does not mean that you should not have a moment for yourself. To maintain yourself calm and balanced, you need to make sure that you are well provided for, as far as your needs and wants are concerned. Anyone needs a bit of ‘me time’, even if it means something as little as reading a book, watching a movie, or enjoying a relaxing bath. Let the others know you need to rest and relax, too, and take this time to recharge your batteries.


A Song for the Soul


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