3 Tips to Maintain Your Calm and Balance


We are living in a fast paced world where everything seems to be happening at the speed of light from time to time. All this may seem fine, since it looks like the entire humankind is progressing towards a higher good, but where does this leave the individual, the people, like you and me? One thing is certain: we are not machines and we are not robots, and we won’t become something else anytime soon. This means that we are what we are, and, as humans, we need our calm and balance in our lives, so we can live happy and fulfilled. I now want to show you a few techniques I use to keep myself calm and grounded.

Take the time to reflect. In a very active life, where every moment of the day seems to be the battleground for a bidding war between work, family, chores and obligations, this seems like a really difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, you need to do it. Take your time, close the door, let the others know you need to rest for a bit, and use this time not to sleep, but to reflect. Where are you right now? What are the main stressors in your life? Are there things you would like to do differently? Do you always feel like there is not enough time for anything? With a clearer picture of your life in mind, you will be ready to identify solutions, and bring more calm into your life.


Set clear goals that are also attainable and can be reached in a timely fashion. One source of stress in a person’s life can be the lack of sense in their existence. Again, I need to tell you that you will have to take some time and think about this. Do you feel like you are running towards an unknown destination? Does your life feel empty and there is no goal in sight for you that you would like to achieve? This means that it is time for you to set some goals that you can follow and that can motivate you to walk forward.

Do not forget that it is important to include fun and relaxation in your life, too. Your family is important and so is your work, but this does not mean that you should not have a moment for yourself. To maintain yourself calm and balanced, you need to make sure that you are well provided for, as far as your needs and wants are concerned. Anyone needs a bit of ‘me time’, even if it means something as little as reading a book, watching a movie, or enjoying a relaxing bath. Let the others know you need to rest and relax, too, and take this time to recharge your batteries.