Why a Clean Environment Can Impact Your Concentration and Productivity


Working and living in a clean environment is paramount for your health and your success. This is something that I learned my way, and I discovered that besides the simple fact that I am enjoying having a clean home, this is one of those things that keep me on track with my projects.

The thing is a clean environment keeps you healthy and energetic. When you are breathing fresh air, you are practically fueling your lungs with clean oxygen, and you feel better. Not only your body functions better, but you have a clear head, and you can think faster and in a more efficient manner.


I enjoy having good quality air in my home, and that was why I decided to get a cleaning tool to help me keep the house in pristine condition, but with minimum effort from my part. This is how I got myself a good electric broom. For me, this is the perfect cleaning tool, since it stores easily and it is ready to use all the time. I don’t have to assemble it, and once I am done with cleaning, I just empty the dirt cup and return the electric broom to its storage place.


As I said, air quality is important for me, and that is why the electric broom I got has a special filter that does not allow all the dust particles that are usually flying around to get into my lungs. I know that there are people with allergies who are even in a bad situation because the air they breathe at home is filled with allergens. I find that regular vacuuming with an electric broom truly does wonders for the air quality where I live, and that is why I use it.


I noticed on my own that significantly reducing clutter around me helps a great deal with concentration and productivity. I don’t know exactly how that happens, but, according to some articles I read online, there are even studies carried on by researchers showing that learning new things and focusing is truly hindered in unclean places. A desk or a working table may not be necessarily dirty, but, if it is too cluttered, it just hampers your mind from focusing on what you need to do.



Another thing I want to add is that I noticed how a clean environment has a direct impact on my morale. A room that is not aired for days develops an unpleasant smell, and people living inside it start feeling crankier and more irritated than usual. Clean the air, so to speak, and you will notice a big difference. Airing the home is part of my cleaning routine, and I find it to have a positive impact on my productivity and focus.